si fuerámos agua

todo se llevó el agua – 8’15
búsqueda – 9’45 (no sound)

Questioning the controversal relationship women-nature, too frequentely simplified, the project «si fueramos agua» tries to give different lectures of it, connecting the daily explotation and subordination of women to the violences committed against them (exponentially encreasing in Mexico).

Particularly, the relation women have with the element of water attracted me because of its importance in their daily life (houseworks), for being such a peculiar ecological issue in Mexico (lack of potable water) as well as -in other forms- a constant background presence in the peculiar reality of San Rafael, village built very close to the river Filobobo, nowadays sadly polluted and since ever cause of periodical inondations and losses in the region.

Using very common elements of the Mexican culture and of the feminine daily life (comal, for cooking plastic water tank and cheap soap for cleaning), I suggest a different use of those ones. Passing from a reproductive act (house-works) to a productive one (artistic gesture of the beeswax melted on the comal), I question the legitimacy of those definitions.

The series includes photographes, videos, sculptures and a live performance, taking the final form of a multi-media installation.